Shremshock strives to Think Sustainably in everything we do - from how we design your project to how we run our office. Long before the LEED rating system, Jerry Shremshock, principal and founder, was using "green" design techniques as standard practice. Now, with the addition of Shremshock Engineering in 2006 and LEED accredited professionals on both sides of the firm, our in-house, multi-disciplinary design teams can develop synergies like never before. Natural day-lighting, thoughtful building orientation and highly-efficient HVAC systems have become hallmarks of today's sustainability movement, but at Shremshock they have long had roots in our efficient building designs.
At Shremshock, we are also conscience of our impact on the environment as a company. Through our office recycling program we diverted over 5.3 tons of paper from the public waste stream in one year alone, and by utilizing our digital archiving software (Newforma Project Center) we are nearly eliminating our dependence on paper files all together. By using technology, eco-minded purchasing decisions and materials recycling, Shremshock has become a leader in sustainable business practice.