At Shremshock, we believe that it is important to fully understand our clients and their project needs before we dive in and start suggesting design solutions. For that reason, we engage our clients through frequent and intense initial planning sessions with the entire design team to fully flesh out the client's goals and objectives, the project scope and project process, and scheduling and phasing strategies in order to have a custom-designed project approach in place before a single line is ever drawn. We then proceed to manage the process through weekly meetings where we review the schedule and make sure the project is tracking properly. This process assures maximum efficiency and serves to keep all parties informed so no surprises occur.

To the extent possible, Shremshock validates our client's project budget during the initial planning stage of the project. Estimates of probable construction cost are done at every phase of the project to ensure the design is proceeding within the budget. Value engineering is performed along the way so that design adjustments can be made at each major milestone, if necessary. In addition, we work with our clients early in the design process to identify priorities for how the budget is to be allocated on the project. By strategically planning for how money is used, important project elements can be properly designed and employed, allowing for more economical solutions to elements and components with lower priority.