Client Testimonials

"SAI consistently delivers complete and accurate sets. They are very proactive in regards to addressing issues in a quick and timely manner."
    - Bath & Body Works Design Staff

"...Shremshock provides suggestions and solutions for issues that arise, not just present [us with] the problem..."
    - Bath & Body Works Design Staff

"The staff I've worked with at Shremshock has been experienced and knowledgeable."
    - Victoria's Secret Store Design Staff

“Shremshock Architects, Inc. has been very responsive to our requests, met all scheduling requirements, and managed the construction design within our established budget.  It’s been a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to future collaborative projects.”
- Mr. J. Keith Newman, Ed.D
Vice President for University Advancement Mount Vernon Nazarene University

"Your prompt and courteous response to my ever changing needs was greatly appreciated."
    - Dr. Mark H. Rinkov
         Optometrist, Rinkov Eyecare Center

"These drawings were excellent and the architect (Shremshock) seems to thoroughly understand the base building conditions and tenant criteria."
    - Ms. Kelly W. Johnson
         Denver Pavilions, Tenant Coordinator

"We have found Shremshock Architects to be competent in all phases of our project from preliminary design to the time the permit was issued to occupy the structure. They are conscientious, courteous, and concerned with the needs of their employer."
    - Father David Huffman
         St. Ambrose Catholic Church

"The complexity of this project due to the multiple sites as well as unique problems related to the different facilities, were addressed by Shremshock Architects effectively and thoroughly."
    - Mr. Brian L. Bell
         Central State University, Director Facilities Management & Planning